Saturday, May 22, 2010

kind of feynman's meaning ...

chlorophyll is the molecule responsible for photosynthesis in bacteria & plants that allows to capture the sun's energy, and responsible for plant's green color.
the chloroplast with which plants make food for themselves is actually a cyanobacterium living within the plant's cells.
proteins in bacteria & humans have the very same molecular structures.
so close to life is life, the universality of the deep chemistry of living things is indeed a fantastic and beautiful thing, the same time we humans have been too proud even to recognize our kinship with the animals.
the world is a spinning ball, and people are held on it on all sides, some of them upside down and we turn like a spit in front of a great fire, we whirl around the sun, that is more romantic, more exciting, some 'force' keeps the earth round, holds the sun together and keeps us running (falling) around the sun in our perpetual attempt to (safely) stay away.
it looks as if life was belched from some exploding star, much as some of the stars that are exploding right now, so this piece of dirt waits four and a half billion years and evolves and changes, and now a strange creature stands here with instruments and talks ...
... and, again, it has been discovered that all the world is made of the same atoms, that the stars are of the same stuff as ourselves, it then becomes a question of where all of this stuff came from ?... "what a wonderful world" the imagination of nature is far far greater than the imagination of man.
freedom to doubt is a way-too-important matter in the sciences, it was a struggle to be permitted to doubt, to be unsure... then I think we must frankly admit that we do not know ...